Water is one of nature’s most powerful forces. A slow drip or small stream of water can cause as much damage with slow and steady erosion as a major storm.

Plus, water takes the path of least resistance – when it hits your roof, it rolls downhill toward the edge. Roofs are peaked in order to allow gravity to do its job and keep the water moving downward.

The gutters at the edge of your roof keep the water from dripping down the side of your home, which prevents foundation erosion or water in your basement.

If your gutters aren’t installed properly – if they’re installed at the wrong slope – water won’t be diverted properly. If your gutters are old (dinged, not attached properly and pulling away or dented), the water won’t be diverted properly.

If you’ve noticed that your gutters aren’t holding all the rainwater during a storm, or you have multiple puddles along your roof line – clean your gutters more often!

Clogged gutters mean that your gutters aren’t properly diverting water away from your foundation – and it also means that over time, your gutters will become heavy and pull away from the wall… which means water has a straight path to your foundation.

It’s simple: Clean gutters mean that rain water and melting snow flow in the path that YOU intend.

The gutters on your home are an essential part of protecting your home from water damage. They’re your first line of defense.

The Rain Pro Gutter System allows the highest amount of water flow with a slim-line for the best aesthetics. The unique shape allows the proper size downspout so not only do your gutters move more water, the downspouts can divert that water appropriately too.

Made of ultra-durable aluminum, Rain Pro Gutters are custom fit to your home to ensure that they fit precisely as you need. We install the Rain Pro Gutter System with hidden clips and without disturbing roof shingles that won’t void your roof’s warranty.

The Rain Pro Gutter System also works with the MicroGuard to keep your gutters free of debris. One of the fastest ways to have water damage in your home is to have clogged gutters with heavy snow or rain storms. Water will ALWAYS take the least path of resistance. That’s normally inside your home.


Whether it’s down your wall or eroding your foundation or landscape, clogged gutters are the first reason water damage will happen in your home.

Simple to install without disturbing roof shingles, Leaf Relief fits most gutters and is backed by a 25-year “no-clog, no-overflow” warranty.

How to have clean gutters

without having to clean 4x a year


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