Remodeling or adding a new bathroom is no easy task. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard deciding what to tackle first. Hopefully, all costs above provide a good starting point for your future bathroom remodeling project.


There are plenty of reasons to renovate or add a bathroom in your home. First, it’s the most trafficked room in the house. Second, everyone enjoys a luxurious bathroom to relax and unwind in. But before you jump to your dream bathroom, it pays to know how much adding a bathroom costs or the average bathroom renovation cost near you. Continue reading to see those answers and more.

Bathroom Addition & Remodeling


Bathtub Installation

Along with a shower, many homeowners yearn for a luxurious bathtub. After all, chances are, you’re not standing in your shower for more than 10 minutes. Lying down is a whole new story.

Sink Installation

If you ever browse sink styles online, you’ll notice there are quite a few. In fact, in terms of design, there are more sinks than any other bathroom feature. Therefore, estimating this cost can be difficult.

Faucet Installation

Along the same lines as your sink, your bathroom faucet, while small, can still make a big impact in your bathroom. In fact, if you’ve stayed relatively conservative with other elements in the bathroom, the faucet is a great way to splurge and still maintain your bathroom addition budget.

Flooring Installation

Let’s jump back to a few bigger items. Beyond the shower, another dominant feature is usually the floors. Bathroom floors have come a long way over the years, giving you more options, colors and designs to choose from. While tile is still a popular choice, other trendy materials have emerged.

Countertop Installation

Just like floors, there’s a small barrier to entry when it comes to bathroom counters. Back in the day, laminate was all the rage. Today, laminate is associated with a cheap bathroom addition. Quarts and granite have dominated the countertop industry recently, while stone is always a popular choice for larger bathroom remodeling budgets.


Beyond style, most toilet remodels revolve around plumbing and other parts inside the actual toilet. For one, if your toilet doesn’t flush properly, you could call a plumber to improve the plumbing system. Additionally, high-efficiency plumbing doesn’t only improve your day-to-day toilet uses, but also improves the environment. Using less water means less of a strain on the environment and your water bills.

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