The doors on your home have multiple jobs, but it all narrows down to one thing:  keep what’s outside out, and what’s inside in.  They must be strong enough to withstand the Mid-Atlantic temperature fluctuations, would-be intruders, and all the elements that the MD/DC/VA area brings.

It might be time for a new door when…

  • Your door is scratched or dented…

  • There are cracks or breaks along the door’s edges…

  • Your door isn’t keeping out the warm or cool air or you feel drafts…

  • The door “sticks” in the jamb or difficult to open and close…

  • Your style has changed and your door simply doesn’t match your needs any more…

  • You’re concerned that your door isn’t as secure as it should be…

  • You simply want a new door!

Keep the temperature outside from coming inside

When your doors need to be replaced, it can drastically alter the energy efficiency of your home – which means any room that has an exterior-facing door can be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  Or you may feel a draft as wind blows past your door and the air currents enter your home.

You may be tempted to install weather stripping to solve a draft problem, or perhaps use a draft-stopper under the door to stop air from leaking in underneath.  But oftentimes, the air is coming in from the area around the door where it’s not hanging level or the frame no longer meets the door correctly.

When this happens, it usually means that it’s time for a new door.

When Is It Time For a New Door?

Protect from snow and rain

It’s not just your windows that protect your home against precipitation – your doors play a large role in keeping the elements outside while keeping the inside of your home nice and dry.

When your door fails to keep water from entering your home, you can see water damage in your floor and carpets, as well as the walls surrounding your door and the lower levels of your home as well.

Water will travel as far as it can, and it doesn’t always move straight down.  You can see water damage in all directions if it’s coming in from a failing door, and when you see water – it’s time to get a new door.

Thwart would-be intruders

Whether you have one door or many, they are the first line of defense against would-be intruders who wish to break & enter into your home.

Oftentimes, burglars will bypass a home if it proves too difficult to enter – so your door’s job is to be difficult to enter!  This is achieved through reinforced deadbolts, durable door materials, and upgraded framework that will withstand a brute-force attack.

The older your door is, the more susceptible it is to failure during an invasion attempt – which means it may be time for a new door.


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